I had a really great experience with this company. I brought in some items for dry cleaning and alterations. I wanted to try on the finished items after they had been hemmed and had their proper alterations upon pickup. I actually left one of my blouses in the fitting area and the owner was on top of it. He called me immediately and met me at my location in the city. (I was at dinner several blocks away and he actually dropped the item off!   I probably would not have even realized- so i’m grateful for Cameo Cleaners for their honesty and great service.  Thanks!
Elizabeth Roncevic


Have been going over to Cameo for a few years now. Hands down the best experience be it shirts, suits or the misses’ fur and leather goods. Always impressed and a very friendly environment. Highly recommended!
Yameen Sarwar


I had a great experience with Cameo Cleaners and wanted to share to get the word out about this great business. I recently purchased a very expensive pair of white pants that I brought to Cameo Cleaners because of a stain that I could not remove. The pants were brand new so I was devastated that they were ruined. I brought them in and, to my surprise, they were able to remove the stain.   I needed the pants hemmed as well, so at this point I decided to do it there rather than going to my normal guy. I ended up saving money with the alteration and they did a fantastic job.  Very happy with my experience!
Meghan Galleghar


Great experience with Cameo! Bought a new suit, had it altered there (awesome tailor), promptly got oil on it (wedding season) and took it back for the best dry cleaning in the city! Professional, courteous, and do a great job! Highly recommended, especially if you have nice things you want to keep nice!
Kevin Wolff


Best in the city. Caring attentive people who I’m convinced have raised cleaning to a level of sorcery. They have rescued more than one expensive piece of clothing from inopportune calamities! I first went there many years ago after a very expensive (and favorite) sport coat was stained beyond the abilities of my former cleaner and another one. They worked a miracle.  The service is great, swift and always friendly. I can’t imagine using anyone else.
Christopher Byrne


Definitely recommend. Took out a organic dish soap stain that has been on the jacket for a year. ALL GONE.  Rarely do I give full stars, but Cameo deserves them.  Yes, they are expensive, but you get what you pay for.
Frederick Rothe III


These are the best dry cleaners I have ever used! Every piece is handled with care and is returned in pristine condition.
Lyssa Koton


You will definitely get your money’s worth here. It is not a budget cleaners, but the quality of the service is remarkable. It’s like they do magic to clean your clothes! I had a shirt with a large stain on it, and after taking it to Cameo it came out stainless, flawless, just like new.
Rezwan Chowdhury