With Valentine’s season finally here, it’s a perfect time to start thinking about your ideal date night! Imagine yourself getting ready and putting on that perfect outfit knowing you feel beautiful and comfortable, so you can go into the evening stress-free and happy! We at Cameo by Copeland would love nothing more than to help you feel prepared, and there are many ways we can do that! If you have a dress in the closet you have saved for that special night, and you might notice it doesn’t fit quite right anymore, we offer an alterations service that will find you that perfect fit. Our discriminating clientele on Long Island and in Manhattan carefully curate their wardrobe selections. However, off the rack clothing seldom fits each person like a glove. Expert tailoring can remedy that issue and give anyone clothing choices they can be proud of, and that will additionally enhance their overall appearance for years. That is because alterations and dry cleaning services by Cameo by Copeland Cleaners will complement your unique body type. Alterations and repairs will expand and increase the versatility of your wardrobe as well.

With all the time and money spent on Valentine’s Day, we also would like to advise you of our FREE pickup and delivery! It works on your time, and will make your perfect night less stressful. When it comes to making sure you have a beautiful fit, we can also step in and help! Our hand laundering and dry cleaning specialists take incredible care in keeping your fine garments including dress shirts, bespoke and designer suits, trousers and pants, gowns, even bridal finery, looking new yet scrupulously cleaned. Romance and dry cleaning go a lot more hand in hand than you probably thought, right? We have a genuine team with amazing customer service that will make your night magical. Rather than handbag or shoe cleaning, restorations, or even fur upkeep, we excel in creating the cleanest clothing possible, and we are earth friendly while doing it, by using our beloved solvent GreenEarth. 

First, it has very low surface tension and is very light in weight. Surface tension is what causes water to “bead up” on fabric. GreenEarth’s low surface tension allows it to more effectively penetrate the fabric fibers and lubricate away the dirt particles. Silicone cleans and rinses more gently, reducing wear and tear on fabrics.

Second, liquid silicone is chemically inert, meaning it does not chemically react with textile fabric or dyes during the cleaning process. This minimizes abrasion to and/or swelling of fabric fibers, eliminates traditional issues with dye removal and dye bleed, helps maintain the soft hand of garments, and prevents shrinkage. A wider variety of clothes can be safely cleaned with GreenEarth. What used to be “problem” items are no problem at all. Liquid silicone is odorless, so there is no lingering chemical “dry cleaned” smell on your clothes. GreenEarth cleaning kills viruses and microbes that survive on garments, bedding, and upholstery. 

Lastly, we want to wish everyone an amazing Holiday, and hope that you have the most magical night possible, whomever it is spent with, and we want you to know we are always here to help.