Thanksgiving has come and gone, now it’s time to focus on the December Holidays Season! This is a month full of festive events, activities, and fun. With places opening up around us, we can finally focus on ourselves and enjoy shopping and gatherings with friends and family! We know a lot of you might be attending some fancy dinners, cocktail parties, or just a fun night out. We want to let you know we’re here for you to make sure you’re ready!

At Cameo by Copeland, we can ensure the utmost gentle care on your couture gowns, suit jackets, or any delicate garments you need cleaned. After these crazy couple years, you might have an expensive garment that has been tucked away for a while. Don’t leave it in, instead bring them to us so we can have them fresh cleaned, tailored, and ready for you to style this Holiday season. We all know how good it feels to walk into a big event knowing you look breathtaking. We make every alteration with care and with fine attention to detail. Our gentle cleaning system can bring out those brilliant colors on your best couture, and fluff up those fur jackets. We will have you runway ready for whatever Holiday party you have planned.

Additionally, by using our GreenEarth dry cleaning solution, you will have the peace of mind that you will be helping the earth, your confidence, and your clothing. We make your garments look like the day you first got them. Though getting you ready before the event is important, we don’t stop there.The Cameo By Copeland team will also be here to take care of your clothing after the Holiday. Since stains, rips, and wear can come about throughout a fun time, we excel in getting your clothing back to normal and ready for the next event, so you can continue to style them for years to come. 

Christmas isn’t a time to be stressed about clothing, it’s a time where you should enjoy the joy in the air, the love around you, and the memories you will make. We can take that tedious stress off your shoulder with our skilled team. Whether it’s a problem with the fit, the fur, or the dress, we promise to have you ready to shine. We wish everyone a happy Holiday Season here at Cameo by Copeland, and urge you to tell your friends and family who might have some of these worries, that they know there’s a solution right next door.