With summer officially here, it’s time to start thinking about summer guests and keeping your house clean for guests. Sure, you cleaned the guest room and got rid of the dust bunnies during your spring cleaning, but did you remember to take care of the bed itself?

Mattress pads and pillows

Even the best housekeeper can sometimes forget these integral parts of having a fresh bed for your summer guests. With sheets and pillow cases covering them, pillows and mattress pads may be out of sight and out of mind.

And, they’re not exactly easy to clean. Stuffing a mattress pad into you washing machine may mean a whole new mess to clean up when the machine overflows because it was not designed to handle that type of material.

Pillows stuffed into the washing machine lose their shape and never have the same fluff they did when they were new. Buying new pillows every time someone comes to visit is unreasonable, but at the same time, you want guests to be comfortable and enjoy your very clean home.

Professional cleaners can be a great alternative for hard to clean items like pillows, mattress pads and drapes.

Blankets and comforters

After your guests leave, but before the next ones arrive is the perfect time to take the bed coverings and have them professionally cleaned. Whether its sand from the beach or something a little dirtier that your guests left behind, make sure that your housekeeping is never in question. Contact us for information on the proper cleaning and care of all your guest room accessories.