Learn Your Linens

They say the first task we should complete is making our bed. Studies show this makes us feel productive and sets the precedent for our day. Each day begins and ends in our bed. We usually don’t give enough credit to the solace and comfort our bed and bedding provide. We want to wake up feeling well rested and refreshed and soothed upon slumber. Leading busy lives, bed linens usually aren’t a top priority. However, our bedding should be thought of more, especially during this time when we need our surroundings to be as hygienic as possible.

We should be changing our bed linens biweekly. Harmful bacteria, fungi, and other microorganisms rapidly spread, especially if you sweat during sleep. Sweating turns into sweat stains which aren’t healthy to twist and turn in. Another thing we don’t want to roll around in is our dead skin cells, we shed millions a day! Have you ever vacuumed your mattress? I have, and you’d be shocked to see what accumulates in that canister.

Now that we’ve addressed why it’s so important for clean linens, how do we go about cleaning them? Some standard washing machines aren’t capable of handling luxury fabrics with high thread counts. Some machines have special settings, but is it worth taking the risk of ruining your favorite satin sheets? If you’ve tried laundering your linens at home and didn’t have much success, that’s ok! We usually just purchase another set, but before having to do that, let our team of professionals handle the cleaning with the utmost care they most certainly require. Contact Us for more info or Schedule a complimentary pick up.