Most people just toss their sheets into the washer, set it at what they believe to be an appropriate wash setting, and think that their sheets are all clean and fresh. They couldn’t be more wrong! There is usually one crucial issue that most are unaware of or aren’t capable of addressing that professional dry cleaners get right all the time. Temperature.

In order to kill all the germs on your sheets, you’ll need to wash them at a high temperature. The problem is, most consumer washing machines don’t have a hot water setting that is hot enough to do the job. Even your local laundromat might not be enough as such high temperatures will be very expensive to their bottom line considering how many washing machines they have.

The best solution is to have a professional dry cleaner take care of your sheets. Only they have the proper equipment to effectively kill all the germs on your sheets. This is the only way to ensure that your sheets are truly fresh and clean.

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