Summer is in full swing in the city. That means hot days, long evenings, and nights that are alive with music and magic. Summer is a time for adventure and exploring, for dancing and romancing, and for unleashing your creativity. And of course, these hot months are a time for new fashion trends to come into full bloom! How do YOU express your summer style?

Here at Cameo Cleaner’s, we have a bird’s-eye view on the latest high-end fashion trends. And this season, we are seeing A LOT of embellishments — from funky to elegant, from formal to artsy, embellishments are in. Sequins, applique, ribbons, and pearls are detailing and adorning gowns, shirts, blazers, and more. You name it, you can embellish it! This is a fashion that really says “royalty!” (Remember Lupita Nyong’o’s pearly Oscar gown?)

While wearing clothes decked out with pearls, crystals, and sequins can make you sparkle and shine, they can be among the most challenging garments to clean and care for. You want to make sure that these treasures last, and keep their new and sparkling look. So, how should you go about cleaning your bejeweled and embellished items? The washing machine is a definite no-no. Not only is it liable to pull off the embellishments, but the agitation in the machine can cause the stitching to become widened and distorted.

You might have temporary luck cleaning some embellished pieces at home. However, this WILL cut the life of your garments short. For your higher end pieces, or the ones that you simply LOVE and want to last, professional cleaning is the only way to go. We here at Cameo Cleaners have over 50 years of experience detailing and cleaning high fashion embellished pieces.

We will evaluate your embellished piece, and create a cleaning plan tailored to your custom needs — whether this be cleaning completely by hand, or using a gentle, environmentally friendly reagent. With decades of experience in caring for high-end clothing, we are known for our unique standards of quality. Check out some of our customer testimonials!

Don’t hesitate to Contact us to learn more about how we work with delicate embellished garments, and our other services.

Happy Summer!