It is important to clean your furs for many reasons. First, to remove any dirt or stains. No matter how careful we are, dirt is bound to get on your furs and sometimes accidents happen, leaving your fur coats full of stains. Second, to keep and preserve the natural oils that the hairs produce in order to maintain its healthy shine.

It’s a cycle. Natural oils attract dust over time which causes your furs to lose its shine and in order to restore it back, you need to clean your furs which in the process, helps restore your furs’ natural oils again – thus restoring its shine as well.

If you have fur coats that need cleaning, here are a few at-home tips you can try (although we highly recommend you taking them to a professional dry cleaner):

  • For dust particles, take your furs outside and give it a good shake. Make sure you do this on a dry day as rain could ruin your furs natural oils and causing your furs to smell like mildew. For larger dust particles, you can use a fur brush. Just make sure the brush is made of wire bristles so as to keep the hairs of your fur intact.
  • For tiny stains, dampen a clean cloth with water lightly and gently dab across the stain. Do not scrub or rub on the furs. It is important to also not get your furs wet as explained earlier.
  • For larger stains, we highly recommend you take your furs to a professional dry cleaner.

Even for the smallest of stains and dirt, we highly recommend you take your furs to a professional dry cleaner. Why take the risk and ruin your furs when you can trust the experts to ensure that your furs will last a lifetime.

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