Winter is a little over a month away and this is the time where most people are preparing for the coldest of days. One of the many types of clothing people wear to keep them warm are sweaters. Sweaters are unique because they are lighter and thinner than coats yet can keep you very warm. However, just like any other piece of clothing, they need to be cleaned regularly.

Sweaters need to be cleaned regularly because they attract moths. This is because moths are attracted to wool, silk. and other types of fabrics in addition to many other household items. They can lay eggs on your sweater once attracted. It is also important to clean your closet or the area surrounding where you store your sweaters. Wool and cashmere sweaters are most affected by moths and can leave your sweaters with holes.

Regularly cleaning your sweaters can also help make them softer which makes them feel like new every time your wear them. At Cameo Cleaners, we put your sweaters through a cleaning process that puts natural oils back into your sweater so they can always feel like knew.