Let us help you protect your investment or preserve your cherished heirlooms.  Cleaning your white table linens on a regular basis will give you piece of mind in knowing that you will be ready to present a beautiful table at a moments notice. Pristine, crisp tablecloths and napkins are  fundamental to a classic and elegant table setting; a must for both casual and formal dining.

Don’t forget about your expensive sheets, duvet covers, and delicate lace pieces. Bed linens that are not used for long periods of time can become discolored, or take on a musty odor. Keep these items fresh and ready to use by having them professionally cleaned on a regular basis.

Beautiful things bring us pleasure, so enjoy using them often.  Spills like gravy and wine, or lipstick, can ruin your priceless treasures if not treated immediately. Our professional staff has decades of experience dealing with fine textiles.  Cameo Cleaners has been proudly serving  New York City since 1958 and we offer complimentary pick up and delivery to residents of Manhattan and parts of Brooklyn. You may choose to have your clean linens returned either boxed or hung.

Once clean, store your whites in an area that is dry and well ventilated, and try acid free tissue to help prevent yellowing. Avoid folding napkins when not in use to prevent crease marks.

Cameo Cleaners offers a full line of professional cleaning and laundering services and we are expert in dealing with high – end fabrics. Be prepared  for hosting festive dinner parties, intimate family gatherings or overnight guests by having all your keepsake linens and bedding ready and waiting.

For details on all of our premium services contact us.