When it comes to skiing, everybody knows that the best skiing outfits are those that that keep you from getting wet on the outside from the snow and on the inside from your sweat. This means that they have to be washable and breathable.

Washing ski clothes can be a very daunting process if you don’t do it right. Even if you look at the cleaning instructions label in your outfits, making a mistake can be very costly. That’s why you should leave it to professional dry cleaners like Cameo Cleaners. If you are or know anyone who doesn’t believe in washing their skiing outfits then that is a big mistake. Ski clothing are specially designed and have pores in them for waterproofing and breathability. If dirt or grime gets into those pores, this can disrupt the functionality of your ski wear – making it useless in what it it’s supposed to do best.

At Cameo Cleaners, we know ski attire. For over 50 years, Cameo cleaners has been taking care of all types of ski wear. We understand all the fabric types and all the designs and use that expertise to ensure that we clean your ski outfits with care that it needs.

Think carrying your skiing outfits to us is a drag? Don’t worry, Cameo Cleaners offers free pick-up and delivery which means we can come to you!

Visit Cameo cleaners or give us a call for all your ski attire cleaning needs.