how to clean upholstered furniture

How to Clean Upholstered Furniture

At a loss for how to clean upholstered furniture? We get questions all the time from clients who are curious about how to maintain their upholstered furniture in between professional cleanings. And while you might not be able to get your upholstered chairs and sofas quite as clean as the pros can, there are certainly spot-cleaning techniques you can use when you’re in a pinch. Here are four steps to take, plus valuable upholstery cleaning tips that you should always keep in mind.

Step 1. Gather all of your necessary supplies

It’s important to have everything that you need on hand before you get started. That includes:

  •        Handheld vacuum or a vacuum with an upholstery wand attachment
  •        Can of compressed air (like you would buy at an office supply store)
  •        2 microfiber cloths
  •        Upholstery brush
  •        Gentle fabric cleaner
  •        Cleaning solution (combine 1 cup of distilled water with 1 tablespoon each of white vinegar and gentle dishwashing detergent)

Note that if the upholstered piece you are looking to clean is an antique or very expensive, you’re not going to want to use any sort of cleaning solution on it without first consulting a professional dry cleaner.

Step 2. Suction up any dirt or debris

To start the upholstery cleaning process, take five minutes or so to thoroughly vacuum the piece you are cleaning. For best results, use the upholstery attachment on a standing vacuum, though a handheld vacuum will be sufficient if you don’t have one.

Use a can of compressed air to force any dirt, debris, pet fur, etc. out of seams and corners, including the area where the seat cushion meets the backrest as well as any tufted areas. After blasting your furniture with air, run it over with the vacuum attachment again to gather what comes out.

Step 3. Spot clean

Tackle stains by gently blotting with a microfiber cloth misted with fabric cleaner (be sure the cleaner you choose is specially formulated for the type of fabric you’re treating). Let the area dry completely before determining whether it was effective. If it wasn’t, you’re probably going to need professional upholstery cleaning services to get the stain out.

Step 4. Give it a full clean

Take your upholstery brush and dip it in the homemade cleaning solution. Using a light touch, slowly brush the fabric in a small circular motion. Don’t press too hard, since you don’t want moisture to get trapped under the fabric. Blot down with your unused microfiber cloth and allow to air dry.

A word of warning: Not all upholstery fabrics are designed to come into contact with water. If you’re at all concerned—or if you’d rather just be safe than sorry—don’t attempt this step on your own. However, professional cleaners like Cameo, will have the expertise and knowledge  necessary to effectively restore any fabric type.

Get your upholstered furniture looking good as new

With Cameo Cleaner’s at-home upholstery cleaning service, you can get your delicate fabrics cared for without the fear of doing any further damage yourself. Whether you’re worried about safely cleaning a family heirloom or you’re not sure what to do about a tricky stain, let our professionals handle all of your upholstery cleaning needs with care and expertise. Contact us today to schedule an appointment!