If you’re looking for an elegant night out on the town, the Metropolitan Opera is the place to be. The Met will stage its final performance of Willy Decker’s daring retelling of Verdi’s classic La Traviata on January 24. Rising star Marina Rebeka entrances the audience with her poignant and heartfelt portrayal of the doomed Violetta.

Performed entirely in Italian with Met titles in English, German, and Spanish the enthralling story follows the path of young Violetta Valery. Violetta has vowed a carefree, unencumbered life after finding out she is deathly ill. After resigning herself to her fate she meets the dashing Alfredo who awakens a desire she has never known and the two run away to the country together. Alfredo soon finds out Violetta has been selling off her possessions to fund their lifestyle and leaves vowing to return with money. In his absence, his father convinces Violetta to leave Alfredo for his own good since her reputation is ruining their family’s social status. Alfredo returns to find Violetta gone. Scorned by her betrayal he publicly ridicules her at a party. In response, her new lover challenges Alfredo to a duel. Alfredo’s father, furious with his son’s behavior admits to sending the devastated Violetta away. In the end, Violetta alone and dying learns that Alfredo survived the duel and longs to be by her side. She struggles to hold on until he arrives. Her last moments are spent in wrapped in Alfredo’s embrace. Her glorious, happiness refusing to fade as death slowly claims her.

The Met brilliantly creates a magical night to remember. Surrounded by crowds in their finest opera clothing experiencing a poignant story that has been retold thousands of times, you’ll discover a world where time stands still for no one. The ever present giant clock on stage reminds the audience the seconds of their life are constantly ticking away.

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