Thinking about shopping for the summer season but concerned you won’t have any place to hang them in your closet? If you live in Manhattan, you know how valuable closet space is. So what can you do? Store your winter clothing at Cameo Cleaners!

At Cameo Cleaners, we don’t just store your clothes. We put in the extra effort to insure that your clothes stay fresh and in the same condition you brought them to us. This way, your clothes can last until the next winter season. If you store your clothes after every winter season, your clothes can last a very long time.

Clothes like fur coats and leather jackets can go bad pretty quickly due to improper storage techniques and DIY cleaning methods. When you take them to Cameo Cleaners, you can feel safe and worry free about the condition of your clothing.

Cameo Cleaners has been trusted for over 50 years. Trust us with your winter clothing. We’ll store them and make them look like new. Contact us to store your clothes!