It’s almost Autumn… Last time to put on your bathing suit and take in the sun, sand, and surf! Whether you are splashing in the ocean, swimming in a pool, or just sun-bathing, it’s important to wash and care for your swimsuit after each use. Sun, sand, perspiration, pool chemicals, and lotions can quickly fade and distort your swimsuit — so follow these tips to help preserve the life of your suit, and make sure it stays looking like new!

  • Rinse, or soak, your suit after each use. Body oils react with the fabric of your suit and cause it to lose elasticity. Likewise, chlorine can cause the fabric to yellow. Soaking your suit for 30 minutes, or thoroughly rinsing it out in clear cool water, will guard against premature aging and yellowing.
  • Hand-wash your suit inside-out in cool water, with a tablespoon (or less) of liquid detergent. Machine washing can distort the shape and elasticity, so it is a definite NO. Avoid using powder detergent or bleach.
  • To dry, spread your suit flat in indirect sunlight. Don’t use a dryer, the heat and agitation will harm the elasticity and shape. Direct sunlight can lead to color distortion.
  • Don’t wring out your suit! We know this is tempting, but wringing is a quick way to wear out spandex and distort the swimsuit’s shape and elasticity.
  • Spandex is a memory-fabric, meaning it is made to stretch out, and then return to its original shape. Giving your suit a break — that is, waiting at least 24 hours in between wearings — can help the spandex retain its “memory” and shape longer.

We hope you enjoy the rest of your sunny Summer! If your swimsuit needs special attention due to stains or hard-to-wash embellishments, we are here to help. Contact us here.