Spring Cleaning Tips

Top 3 Spring Cleaning Tips

Spring has sprung, and with it, the need for spring cleaning tips that will help you return your home to its pre-winter splendor.

There’s something incredibly satisfying about scrubbing off the remnants of snow, salt, and winter grayness and prepping your home for the sunny days ahead. And one key area you should definitely be focusing on: fabrics. From spring closet cleaning to how to get your carpets looking good as new, here are three tips on how to spring clean your home and welcome in the warmer months in style.

Closet Cleaning 101

Say goodbye to heavy coats and slush-stained boots and hello to sundresses and sandals! Just be sure to freshen up your closet at the same time you freshen up your wardrobe.

Start by sorting out all of the garments that you won’t need during spring and summer and properly getting them stored away. Once that’s done, you can take out everything else—you want your closet to be completely empty when you clean it.

Go through all of your clothes and make a donation pile for the items you no longer want or need. After you’ve pared down your wardrobe, you can get to work on deep cleaning. Vacuum the floor of your closet, dust shelves, and freshen up any moth prevention products. When your closet sparkles, return your clothes (minus the donation pile) and add back any spring or summer clothes you had in storage during the winter.

And speaking of storage, Cameo Cleaners can professionally store any of your garments in climate controlled environments. Certain kinds of fabrics and materials can get damaged just hanging in a closet. We can offer more luxurious accommodations to keep your winter clothes safe throughout the summer months.

Lather your Linens

Spring cleaning is as good of an excuse as any to refresh your linens, including napkins, tablecloths, towels, and bedding. Follow the directions on each item’s label regarding how to properly clean it, and tackle stains as needed with a gentle stain remover or bleach (use color-safe bleach if an item is not white).

For antique or vintage linens, stick to handwashing with a gentle, phosphate-free soap, and never run them through the washer or dryer. Do give a thorough look-over first, to ensure there are no rips or tears, which could be further damaged with a hand washing. If there are any linens you are concerned about washing yourself, you should always bring them over to a professional dry cleaners.

At Cameo, our team is more than capable of professionally cleaning all your linens. Many DIY methods aren’t always guaranteed to work properly, and you run the risk of damaging expensive items. Instead, let us apply our 100% organic hand washing technique to restore all your linens to their best state.

Spring Cleaning Carpets

Carpets should already be on your spring-cleaning to-do list since, regardless of whether or not you wear shoes in the home, they have a way of picking up a lot of winter debris. The best way to clean them is with a steam cleaner, but if you don’t have one and don’t want to rent one, you can go the old fashioned route.

Start with vacuuming, being sure to get into all nooks and corners. For stains, sprinkle with baking soda and then use a toothbrush dipped in warm water to gently work them out of the fibers. Don’t saturate the carpet, but do use enough water to move the baking soda around and get in a good scrub. Allow to air dry, and then follow up with another vacuuming.

All of this sound like too much work? You’re in luck: our professional team of cleaners can take on any of your spring cleaning tasks, from closets to carpets and everything in between! Get in touch with our professional team today and experience the most luxurious cleaning services in New York.