Though we New Yorkers definitely enjoy four distinct seasons, we get more than our fair share of cool to treacherously ice-cold weather; making heavy comfortable fabrics like cashmere, wool and cottons a staple in most of our wardrobes. These fabrics come in various weights, suitable for just about every season except summertime.

Cameo Cleaners offers a service where we can come to your home, itemize the cold weather clothing you’d like to store during the summer, clean it and store it safely for you. We would then return your clothes to you in the fall, ready to go back into your closet.


Though these are some of the, “friendliest,” most versatile and cozy fabrics you will find, you have to store your fine items correctly; because these organic fabrics are often the most vulnerable to damage and pest infestation. Some of your synthetic fabrics are vulnerable as well if you store them without realizing they have organic stains on them, like food or even certain health and beauty products.

The Container Store simplifies the clothing storage process quite well by recommending that you:

  • Clean,
  • Repel, and
  • Contain

…your clothing items. These actually are best cleaning practices and the best way to store your heavier items during the summer months. In addition, New Yorkers that choose to wear fur and other clothing made of animal hair, should also follow these steps to protect their clothes. This process will also protect your clothing from dust, heat, fading and humidity damage. However, keep in mind that this method isn’t good for storing man-made skins such as leathers and furs. This is because they need to be stored in a cool storage facility to prevent the furs/leathers from drying out.


Dirty clothing attracts animals like moths and carpet beetles. However, you can kill the eggs, the larvae and the adults by washing your clothes in hot water or by dry cleaning your clothes before you store them. Because of this, it’s important to completely clean both your clothing and your closet. When cleaning your closet, vacuum the shelving and all the corners; and wash the closet out.


Instead of cedar balls, (that are only effective in high concentrations), and moth balls, (that are toxic), experts recommend that you use moth pheromone traps, to attract male moths, (the ones that attack your clothes). These traps destroy male moths quickly and efficiently. If you just have a few items to protect, experts recommend storing them in the freezer in a zip lock bag.


Typical plastic boxes and high quality large zip lock bags are ideal for storing your items during the summer months. As long as a bug can’t crawl in, the box or bag is airtight.

Contact us today and let us help you take care of your clothes the right way!