Fall is here and you need to be ready before the autumn breeze hits you. Jackets and coats that have been stored in your closet all summer need your attention and care. Chances are, if you didn’t store them with a professional dry cleaner over the summer, they probably haven’t been stored correctly. When stored incorrectly, your jackets and coats lose their functionality over time and if sweat, oils, grease, dirt, and other particles haven’t been taken cared of before storage, they might be at risk for damage.

To ensure that your jackets and coats are ready to wear during this fall season, we highly recommended taking them to a professional dry cleaner for quality assurance. After all, your jackets and coats weren’t cheap. They’re investments and investments need to be taken cared of properly. A professional dry cleaner knows how to professionally deal with all types of coats and jackets and their 60+ years of experience speaks for itself.

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