Mackage Coat

How to Clean and Care For a Mackage Coat

A Mackage coat is one of the best protectors against the cold of the winter season, but it’s also a major investment. To ensure that you get the most wear possible out of your Mackage parka, it’s important to clean it correctly—which is almost always going to mean bringing it to a professional. There are, however, some things that you can do at home to spot clean your parka in between professional cleanings.

Below, we’ll cover what you need to know regarding how to clean a Mackage down coat, including what sorts of treatments you can use at home when you need to spot clean.

The Story Behind Mackage NYC

Mackage + NYC are pretty synonymous at this point, since the brand has taken over as a winter staple on the city streets. That being said, Mackage was actually founded a bit further north, in the even colder climate of Montreal.

Eran Elfassy, who founded Mackage in 1999, says that the brand’s inspiration came from the leather industry, where fashion and function are brought together to create high-quality pieces. This inspiration is clear in the quality of Mackage outwear, the most popular variety of which combines down and fur to provide wearers with a luxurious fit and a comfortable barrier against the cold.

Why You Need to Dry Clean Down Jacket

Another set of words that go hand in hand: dry clean + down jacket, especially when that jacket is a Mackage. Simply throwing your Mackage coat in your washing machine—even on the delicate cycle—can result in matted down feathers and fur, as well as loss of color saturation on the coat’s outer lining.

When you bring your Mackage coat in to be dry cleaned at Cameo Cleaners, you get a few major benefits:

  1. We’ll clean it by hand. We provide a personalized touch to all garments, particularly when they’re meant to serve a functional purpose. Our team of professionals has years of experience hand cleaning down and fur, and can ensure that your coat is handled with the utmost of care.
  2. We’ll pay attention to details. Cleaning a Mackage down coat is about more than just cleaning the outer layer. We’ll make sure that every single feature on the coat is properly cleaned, including the inner lining, fur hood, and every zipper, button, and pocket.
  3. We’ll put our years of couture experience to work. There’s a reason that many of New York’s fashion houses and museums rely on our team to clean their pieces. We have more than 60 years of experience and expertise cleaning couture clothing, and we know what we’re doing when it comes to your most expensive garments.

What About Spot Cleaning?

Just because a coat is a Mackage doesn’t mean that it’s impervious to the outside elements. In between professional cleanings or as needed to deal with stains, you can spot clean your Mackage coat with a pretty simple method. To do it, make a paste of warm water and a gentle detergent, such as Dreft. Take a clean toothbrush and gently apply it where it’s needed, being sure to pull the outer lining away from the interior as you apply. Take a clean microfiber cloth and blot the area dry, then hang to dry completely.

The Right Team to Care For Your Mackage Coat

From comprehensive cleanings to seasonal storage during the times when your wardrobe is more sundresses than parkas, we’ve got the services that you need to take the best care possible of your Mackage coat. We’re always accepting new clients, and will even come directly to you! Schedule a free pick-up today and get your Mackage the cleaning and care it deserves.