Spring is here and now it’s time to clear out your closets to make way for your spring outfits. But where do you put all your big and heavy winter wear? Do you store them in a container or box and put them under your bed? Of course not! You take them to Cameo Cleaners!

At Cameo Cleaners, we do more than just simple storage. When you hand in your coats and sweaters to us, we work hard to ensure that they return to you better than you gave them to us. Cleaning before storing them is a great way to ensure the longevity of your coats and sweaters. Also, storing your coats and sweaters can protect the, from potential moths that could have otherwise damaged your clothing.

By storing your coats and sweaters, you’ll also be freeing up your closet for all your spring and summer outfits. Cameo Cleaners also offers free pick-up and delivery so you don’t have to worry about taking your coats and sweaters to us. Want them back? Just give us a call and we’ll send them right back to you at no extra cost!

Call or visit Cameo Cleaners today.