Spring and summer is a time for parties and for weddings. It’s also a time when you wear your favoritehigh-end fashion garments, often to multiple events. Of course you do your best to keep them clean, but let’s face it, stains happen. Every party brings the opportunity for spills and it’s important to take care of the mess before it ruins your best dress, tuxedo or suit.

Obviously, while at the event you have only limited resources to mitigate the stain. However, trying to remove the stain yourself can set it or harm the fabric. If you dribble, drip or drop food or drink on your, the best advice is to simply blot the stain and never rub it, particularly for fine fabrics such as silk, tulle and lace.

Stains need to be treated differently, depending on the type. Therefore, it’s extremely important that you let us know the source of your stain so that the Cameo Cleaners staff can properly treat it. We are able to handle stains on fabrics by applying cleaning agents by hand via a fully organic dry cleaning method. For example, grease stains such as butter, gravy and salad dressing need pre-treating before cleaning. Similarly, red wine stains need neutralizing before the garment is fully cleaned. Don’t neglect coffee stains, especially when mixed with cream and/or sugar as, if left untreated, these will oxidize and become permanent.

Lastly, whenever your fine garments experience catastrophic stains, bring them into Cameo Cleaners as soon as possible for the best results. Contact us for any questions you may have on treatment of your fine garments.