Since 1958, Cameo Cleaners has been through all types of high-end fashion. From two toned men suits, to multi-colored suits, and from long skirts to mini skirts, we’ve seen how the styles have changed. But with every new phase of fashion, comes a set of high-end clothing that only certain dry cleaners know how to clean. High-end clothing are classified as high end because either the designer or brand only makes high-end clothing or the fabric/material used to make clothing is considered high-end. Either way, these types of clothing require delicate care when cleaning them due to the nature of the fabric and high cost of the outfit. This is why throughout the test of time, people trust Cameo Cleaners to take care of there high-end wardrobes.

Here’s a testimony from one of our loyal customers about the quality of our service:

I have been using Cameo Cleaners for over a year now.  I have a very high end wardrobe and am always concerned sending such expensive pieces out for cleaning.  The staff at Cameo assured me they would treat each garment properly and get it back to me expeditiously.  Well……..they have held true to their word!!!
Not only is their dry cleaning service top notch, but their tailoring and shoe maker are the absolute best.  Literally, I just call and speak to someone at the store, tell them over the phone what I need done to either a shirt, pants or any shoes, and it get’s done PERFECTLY!  I am so happy I found a dry cleaners that is professional and knowledgeable and truly gets the job done!!!