Now that summer has arrived, many families are getting ready to catch a flight or hit the road for a much-needed vacation. A significant part of preparing for a summer trip is choosing and packing the right clothes. If you have an upcoming vacation, here are a few tips from an experienced high quality dry cleaning professional.

What to Pack

Take only lightweight fabrics. Besides keeping you cool and comfortable, lighter fabrics are also easier to pack and carry in your suitcase. However, because lighter clothing is usually more fragile, it’s more likely you’ll need to get your garments cleaned when you get back from your trip.

Try not to over pack. Often, people yield to the fear of not having enough outfits. Later, they regret packing too many items because they have to lug around a heavier suitcase and worry about their clothing getting dirty or lost. Unless your clothing is heavily soiled, there’s a good chance you can wear an outfit more than once before you need to launder it.

Unpacking Your Suitcase 

Be sure to take out your clothes promptly after you arrive at your destination. Carefully hang your clothes in a closet so that they won’t be wrinkled. What’s more, fabrics can breathe better when they’re hung correctly. Be careful not get delicate threads snagged in zippers, which can cause permanent damage. 

When you get back from your trip, you’ll probably need to have your clothes cleaned promptly by a reputable dry cleaning service. It’s critical that your items are quickly restored to their original state in time for your next vacation.

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