You’ve spent money on your wardrobe to make sure you look fabulous this winter and will step out in style when we get that next deep freeze. However, you are realizing that there are other factors that can affect the clothing in your closet and are looking for any tips that are dry cleaning related to help solve some issues this winter. In order to keep your garments in tip-top condition, we have two good reasons why Cameo Cleaners can take a lot of the guesswork out of your wardrobe care and, provide the expertise needed to keep you looking your best.

First: We know that moths can be a nightmare for your cashmere, fur and lamb’s-wool pieces. But you really don’t want to resort to mothballs which can leave a strong, pungent smell on your clothing. Dry cleaning is your best solution–not only for protecting these garments after you wear them, but to even prevent these insects from ruining them for next year. Scientists agree. An article published in the NY Times, states that Jeffrey Miller, a professor at Oregon State University who studies insect behavior, says he would dry clean anything made of wool or animal fibers especially after wearing them. This is because clothes that have been worn are often what attract moths in the first place due to food, perfume and bacteria. So, in order to prevent them from ruining your clothes this winter, bring them in for a regular dry cleaning to stop those little round holes from forming. You can also prevent this from happening by having them cleaned before you store them at the end of the season.

Second: You have a winter coat that you absolutely love and others you wear with different outfits or on special occasions. You are especially fond of that shearling jacket and the coat you just bought made from sheepskin. They keep you very warm and look fantastic but, are also very luxurious and expensive. For these reasons, you need to take particular care with their maintenance and bring them to a dry cleaner with the ability and expertise to clean both suede and leather to make them feel and look as good as new. Also, you may have stored some coats from last year and they may have developed a slight smell. That new coat you just bought can take on that odor even if it has never been worn. We can refresh these coats by using processes that help remove mold build-up and make them smell as good as new.

These are just a couple of the reasons why dry cleaning can help protect that high-end wardrobe you’ve been waiting to wear and other items you’ll be buying this season. A “dry clean only” tag can mean just that and is the only way to ensure that this unique and fashionable wardrobe you’ve chosen is protected for months to come and won’t be easily ruined. Let us help you maintain the quality of your fabrics and look your best by giving you our 50 years of expertise in this business, which has made us New York City’s premier dry cleaner and garment care firm. To hear about our free “pick-up & delivery” service, please contact us today for more information.