Rocking your new, fresh Canada Goose jacket? This weather demands it and it’s perfect for these super cold conditions we’ve been having. However, now is the time to think about longevity. Jackets are meant to last a long time but suffer a premature death due to a lack of attention and care towards cleaning them.


Canada Goose apparel are no different. They need to be cleaned and preserved regularly to ensure they last as long as the manufacturer intended. This means, a trip to a dry cleaner is needed. However, don’t just trust any local dry cleaner. Only trust professional, luxury dry cleaners who understand the nature of what they’re cleaning. Most local dry cleaners will just classify any jacket as a jacket and clean them in a standard fashion. However, a Canada Goose jacket isn’t your average jacket. Therefore, trust a professional dry cleaner who cleans and handles every apparel brand differently and takes the time to read the cleaning instructions as set by the manufacturer.


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