If you’re keeping up with current events in fashion, you can’t have missed the fact that a bright, brilliant red is making a huge comeback this season.  At the London, Milan, and New York shows, red featured prominently in many of the ensembles–and not just as an accent color.  Many designers sent their models out onto the runway wearing head to toe red–skirts, dresses, and boots all made a bright crimson appearance on this year’s fashion scene.

While red is usually more of a fall and winter color, this year, red seems to be featuring prominently for the spring–perhaps in response to a winter that has been harder and longer than many in recent history.  Designers are looking to brighten things up a little bit; and with their models taking to the runway in shades of crimson, they’re showing off plenty of color.

Most winters see red accents on plenty of fashion accessories:  gloves, coats, hats, and scarves are familiar accent pieces.  This spring and summer, however, red won’t be giving up its place in the sun.  Instead, it’s appearing in shoes, shirts, and skirts, not to mention a number of fantastically designed dresses that are impossible to miss.  Thomas Tait’s ensemble for the 2015 show even displayed the model in a red jacket and pants that drew all the attention, while her black accents–most notably her shirt–kept the outfit from being too overwhelming.

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