Dry Clean Only Clothes Should Be Dry Before Being Put Away

You can’t always keep your clothes from getting wet. It’s sometimes impossible to avoid things like rain, sweat, and humidity. The key thing to remember is that the clothes should never stay wet. There’s a reason for the word “dry” in “dry-clean-only.” This means you’ll want them dry before putting them back into the closet or in storage.

Why is that so important to remember? There are a number of reasons, but the biggest one involves the dyes that may have been used in your dry-clean-only clothes. Hang a wet red top in the closet between two white blouses, and you may discover that all three have become a partial shade of pink. The same thing can just as easily happen in a laundry bin, so even if you plan to head to the dry cleaner tomorrow, don’t keep a wet garment in the laundry bag the night before. Even if your dry cleaner can get the color stains out of a lighter garment, nothing can be done once the colors have faded and mottled.

The solution is simple: hang wet garments in a warm, dry place before returning them to the closet or tossing them into your laundry bin. Even better would be to simply take them to your dry cleaner and have them take care of it. This is the best way to keep your garments from becoming ruined, and from allowing them to ruin your other clothes.