Summer is the time of year where thoughts are occupied with boat trips, cookouts, and garden parties. However, nothing spoils a carefree evening of sipping beverages amongst friends quite like an embarrassing stain or snag on the outfit that you had meticulously chosen in anticipation of the event.  In order to avoid such a mishap for the next gathering where that outfit would be perfection, it is imperative that you carry the garment to get dry cleaned immediately.  According to the Dry Cleaning & Laundry Institute, “spots and stains allowed to remain without treatment will gradually oxidize, set, and become permanent.” When analyzing the stain, consider some dry cleaning tips when deciding on the best action.


If a snag in your garment is what’s causing you anguish, your best suggestion is to take it to a high-end dry cleaners where professionals are equipped to pull the snag back through and adjust the fibers, so it would appear as if the snag never occurred.


In the midst of summer, garments are always at the mercy of stains and odors from perspiration.  In this case, again, it is best to quickly drop your garment off to be professionally dry cleaned.  Even if you believe that the stain will not be visible because of a clear liquid landing on the garment, dry cleaning is still the best solution due to the possibility of the stain darkening over time.

Care Tag Instructions

If you are tempted to just follow the care instructions on the tag that do not indicate “dry clean only,” beware that the Federal Trade Commission’s Care Label Rule states that the manufacturer is not required to do testing and must only have a “reasonable basis” for the instructions.

Home Dry Cleaning Systems

Home dry cleaning products are a far inferior choice if you are tempted to go that route. They work well at freshening the smell of your garment, but fail to truly remove any stains.

At Cameo Cleaners, professional staff are trained to work with all fabrics and multiple stain bases.  Contact us to remedy your summer garment mishap, so the only thing you have to worry about is having a carefree season.