Ever experienced the stress of pulling out a gown that you were preparing to wear the next day to a special event only to see a stain on it? Ever experienced a spill on your carpet before an important event that you’re hosting? Accidents happen and sometimes they can happen at the worst of times. It’s rare that these types of accidents can be resolved before it’s too late. Not even the most professional of dry cleaners can handle your needs at the urgency it demands. We at Cameo Cleaners, however, have proven time and time again that we can handle all your cleaning needs even under the most demanding of situations.

Take for instance a client of ours, who needed 40 outdoor cushions to be cleaned right away. It was 5pm and the client needed all 40 outdoor cushions cleaned by mid-day the next day. This was an emergency that needed to be handled right away. Three spotters were sent within an hour to pick up all 40 cushions and drive them to our store location. Then we had three of our most loyal and hardworking staff stay throughout the night as they went over and cleaned some very serious stains. By 6am the next day, two staff members came in to prepare the cushions for delivery back to the clients building. By 9:30am, three staff members were in front of the clients building and by 10:30am, all the cushions were back on the terraces clean and ready for use.

Emergency dry cleaning when you need it? Look no further than Cameo Cleaners.


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