Getting your bedding cleaned is more important than you think. Whether its your favorite comforter or your best sheets and blankets, cleaning them professionally is the best way to take care of your health. A third of your life is spent sleeping right? Well you better make sure that you’re sleeping in a nice clean environment if you’re spending that much time in bed!

One of the most important reasons to clean your bedding is to prevent dust mites from staying and reproducing on them. These pests love to live off your dead skin cells that you shed a ton of every single day. Other reasons such as dead skin cells, oils, sweat, bodily fluids, etc all stay on your bedding on a microscopic level.

Having your bedding cleaned and pressed professionally by Cameo Cleaners will ensure that your bedding always stay clean and fresh. You should clean your bedding bi-weekly but weekly is ideal. If you’ve never cleaned your bedding before, it is best to throw them out and buy a new set then start the process of cleaning your bedding on a regular basis.