March has been a weird month so far. In some places, the snow is still falling, while in other places, the days have been so nice, it’s confused the flowers. However, that does not mean you should put off your spring cleaning. It’s time to start thinking about packing away those extra blankets and the heavy winter coats that allowed you to hibernate through winter. But do you really know what it means to store all your winter stuff?

Here’s four tips on storing clothes for you to make sure all your stuff is still awesome next winter.

Clean your clothes thoroughly before storing them. Sometimes it’s easier to think that if it was only worn once, it’s not that dirty, but between perfume and deodorant, little stains have worked themselves into the fabric. If you don’t get those out, they’ll set and attract bugs.

Use proper storage containers for your winter clothes. It might be tempting to use cardboard boxes, but don’t. Cardboard is a tasty little snack for everything that loves those natural fibers. If you only have cardboard boxes, or small spaces, be sure to seal your clothes in plastic bags. This way you can squeeze all the air out thus using less space and protect your stuff from those nasty little bugs.

Clothes aren’t the only things to store. Did you know that you can store your purses and handbags? A quick and easy trick to keep them from sticking together is to wrap them in a clean pillowcase. Be sure to stuff them with tissue or plastic bags to help them keep their shapes.

Chose your storage unit wisely. Sometimes storing stuff in your home isn’t feasible. If you are in the market for a storage unit to help you store your stuff, number one on your list is protection from the elements. Wet weather and sunlight can cause a lot of damage that will make you unhappy. Size-how much space do you really need-and location-handy and accessible-help round out the top three on searching for storage units.

If you’re ready to start your winter wardrobe packing but don’t want to tackle the challenge, contact us for all of your cleaning needs. For that  extra flair, bring it to Cameo Cleaners. With our eco-friendly cleaners,  you can feel good about us caring for your clothes.