Questions for Your Dry Cleaning Establishment

As with any professional service, there are a few basic questions you should ask your dry cleaner when deciding whether they fit your needs. Here are a few suggestions.

First off, it helps to be able to pick up and drop off your garments at convenient times. This means that asking about operating hours is important. Professional cleaners don’t operate on a traditional 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. schedule—they know you’ll be at work during those hours. High-end dry cleaners will often provide a pick-up and delivery service in addition to convenient hours.

It’s all about the extras. Ask what sorts of items your dry cleaner can handle. The best services will be able to clean furs, wedding gowns, upholstery and drapes. It’s inconvenient to have to take special items to multiple locations; in these busy times, it helps to have a cleaner that can take care of everything.

Be sure to ask about organic—or green—services, also known as eco-friendly dry cleaning. This may be particularly important if you have sensitive skin or special health conditions, but any health-conscious customer can appreciate the benefits that organic products offer. Feel free to ask what chemicals your dry cleaners use on garments.

With a truly professional service, damaged or lost garments are rare. Still, it’s wise to ask about company policy in case of such an event. With such a huge volume of garments, even a reputable service can have an occasional mishap. Knowing their compensation policy will bring you peace of mind.

Finally, make sure that your dry cleaner actually does all of the cleaning themselves. Some places send your garments elsewhere, and if that’s the case, you’ll want to know who is actually cleaning your clothes. If they’re sending your clothes to an outside location, make certain that it’s a reputable facility equipped with quality machines.