Cameo Cleaners is one of the most trusted dry cleaners in the business. Since our inception, we have expanded our services to do more than just simple dry cleaning. We offer garment services, furs, leathers, bedsheets, wedding gowns, drapes, you name it! Our success is due to your business and we appreciate that very much. However, our success started by a simple offering – dress shirts.

Our 60 years of experience has allowed us to perfect the way we handle dress shirts. At Cameo Cleaners, we understand the importance of keeping your dress shirts looking fresh. Be it an important meeting, job interview or social event, having a clean, flawlessly pressed shirt is imperative to making a good impression. We provide top quality hand-done shirts. It all begins with a thorough inspection, followed by a hand treatment of stains, then washing, ironing, and one final inspection before it arrives to you.

Visit Cameo Cleaners for all your dress shirt cleaning needs.