The season of leather trim garments is here and after wearing them a few times, it obviously has to be cleaned. But who do you trust to get them cleaned for you? These aren’t your average garments so cleaning them yourself isn’t an option if you want them to look just the way you bought them. Taking them to any dry cleaner will leave you with mixed results, all of which are bad.

First of all, not a lot of dry cleaners are experienced with cleaning these types of garments. Secondly, when a dry cleaner does decide to take on the task of cleaning your leather trim garments, you will either get spotty or disastrous results. Your garment certainly won’t come back looking the way you bought it. Some of these garments are very expensive as well so it must be taken to a dry cleaner you can trust. A dry cleaner that has experience in cleaning just about any garment in addition to other professional services.

Cameo Cleaners is exactly the type of dry cleaner you can trust who has both the expertise (since 1958) and the ability to professionally handle all your cleaning needs. By bringing your leather trim garments to Cameo Cleaners, you’ll be satisfied with the professionalism and quality of our cleaning services.