Clothes are personal – they represent the opportunity to express your personality without having to speak. For most people, selecting clothes is an involved process. Often, people choose to dry clean items that have significant value. This value can be more than monetary. For example, many people purchase one of a kind high end items that they would like to preserve for the cyclical nature of fashion trends. Saving items to wear when a trend comes back around in years requires keeping them in pristine condition. Because of this, many people need the help of a high-end dry cleaning service.

Selecting a dry cleaning professional for the care and safekeeping of these clothes is an important part of maintaining the quality their clothing. Below are a few dry cleaning tips for selecting a cleaners to care for them.

  • Experience – do they have a track record of successfully cleaning high-end, valuable pieces?
  • Site Visit – what is your perception of the facilities? Are they well-maintained and clean? Is the staff friendly and accessible?
  • Products – what type of dry cleaning solvents are used? Do these vary based on the type of clothing (leather, lace, beading, silk, etc.)?

When selecting a cleaners to care for your high-end and trendy fashion pieces, you should also consider their understanding of and connection to the fashion industry. At Cameo Cleaners, we have a history of almost 60 years providing superior service cleaning and caring for high-end fashion garments.