If you are one of thousands of people who got married this year, then congratulations! To most married couples, their wedding day was the most important day of their lives. It was a life changing event which had multiple steps leading to this big day. One of the most important steps that take place before the wedding day is the day you choose your wedding gown. But after the big day, what do you do with your wedding gown?

Cleaning your wedding gown is the first thing you should do after your wedding day. Whether you had your wedding in a church, or at the beach, your wedding gown could possibly contain dirt, oils, sweat, and stains that need to be removed before proper storage. The financial and emotional investment that went into your gown is huge, so simply dropping it off at any cleaner will not do. Trust only the best in caring for your bridal gown after your big day. Cameo Cleaners will keep your dress exactly as you remembered it—perfect.

Preserving and storing your wedding gown should be the next step. At Cameo Cleaners, we have more than 50 years of experience preserving and storing wedding gowns. We’ve seen all types of wedding gowns throughout our years in business, so we know exactly the type of care your wedding gown deserves. We make sure that your wedding gown is wrapped in acid-free fibers and placed in an acid-free storage box. Just make sure that you store this box in an area with stable temperature and humidity. It is also a good idea to inspect your wedding gown every few years to ensure it remains perfect.

You can trust Cameo Cleaners with all your wedding gown cleaning and preservation needs.