Why Is Dry Cleaning Necessary


Why Is Dry Cleaning Necessary and Can I Take Delicates to the Cleaners?

Dry cleaning is necessary for a couple of reasons. Firstly, traditional washing and drying machines have been known to cause water and heat damage to certain delicate fabrics by altering their structures. Secondly, not every type of stain or blemish can be removed during a “wet” cleaning process, especially stains like grease and oil. Most high-end cleaners typically have the resources, and skills, to remove those more stubborn stains with techniques not easily replicated elsewhere.

Aside from those two major factors, there are a couple of other reasons to consider when selecting dry cleaners over the traditional DIY-style.

  1. Time: This one is a no-brainer; cleaning delicate garments yourself is theoretically possible, but requires intense discipline and a ton of your time. You’ll need certain cleaning agents, degreasing solutions, and the process shouldn’t be rushed. It’s much easier on you to simply trust professionals like us to remove those deep stains from the more natural fibers like silk, wool, and leather.
  2. Money: How would dry cleaning save me money if I have to pay for the service? If you’re asking that, then you’re not thinking about it the right way. Let’s say you attempt to clean a silk shirt, but your inexperience causes irreparable damage. Now, you have to replace a costly fabric, versus paying something less to have it professionally cleaned.
  3. Skill: Another no-brainer for you. High-end cleaners, like Cameo, are staffed by experts who’ve been repairing, fixing, and cleaning fabric for years. For instance, our professionals are well-verse in every type of cleaning method for all delicate fabrics. You don’t want to ruin your favorite clothes because of a mistake, bring them to the pros.

Can You Dry Clean a Leather Jacket?

Yes, all leather fabrics are fair game when it come to dry cleaning them. In fact, most professionals recommend that leather garments should only be trusted to cleaning services. Since real leather is tough, natural, and commonly reacts to washing/drying machines negatively, any DIY hack is complicated, requires a plethora of cleaning solutions, and isn’t always guaranteed to work.

At Cameo, we carefully hand-clean leather jackets, purses, and anything else, taking precaution as to not “split” your leather fabric through over-drying. Materials like leather, and suede, react poorly to typical drying techniques, and have been known to shrink if the material dries out. With winter on the horizon, be smart and trust your leather cleaning, preservation, and restoration to skilled experts.

Can You Dry Clean Suede?

Yes, suede is totally safe for the dry cleaners, and is known to be even tougher to wash, and harder to protect, than leather. Suede itself, is actually the underside of leather that’s been rubbed down into a velvety texture. It’s considered an extremely “high-end” fabric commonly used in jackets and shoes, but carries a nasty reputation for being a dirt and dust magnet. In fact, the fabric is so sensitive, that even water droplets can stain the material.

For these reasons, suede—even moreover than real leather—should be left solely to professional cleaners. Much like its close relative, suede will react badly if thrown into a washing or drying machine, and must be carefully hand cleaned, instead. Since the material is highly sensitive, our expert technicians apply our 100% organic hand cleaning technique that will remove stains, and preserve the fabric simultaneously.

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