If you’re looking at current events in fashion, the Oscars are an event that can’t be ignored.  Whether it’s a fashion win or a complete and and utter fashion fail, the outfits displayed by Oscar winners and nominees will have the fashion world talking for some time to come.

A few notable wins:

Dakota Johnson’s gorgeous red dress was a perfect win.  The single-strap dress perfectly accentuated the actress’s slender figure, making her stand out from the crowd in a display of elegance and class.

Melanie Griffith was all style in a black dress that presented a gorgeous silhouette and hinted at her assets without revealing anything that it shouldn’t.

Naomi Watts appeared in a patterned dress that should have been loud, but somehow worked anyway.  She carried it off perfectly, with just the right amount of flair.

Lupita Nyong’o wore a pearly number that was much more heavily embellished than many of the other actresses’ outfits, but that nevertheless showed style and grace.

And, of course, the fails:

Laura Dern’s medieval-inspired dress looks as though it was constructed out of chain metal–far too heavy for a dress.  The shimmery design was great in theory, but in practice, it clearly wasn’t designed to her body, calling attention to all the wrong places.

Rita Ora’s dress looked like it took up more of the red carpet than she did–a fashion fail that will be talked about for years to come.

Chloe Grace Moretz appeared to have fashioned her dress out of a set of curtains that were out of style decades ago.  The dress did little for her figure, making it look like she really had wrapped herself in a set of curtains before stepping out the door.

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