From weddings to a simple night out with friends, picking out the right tie with a corresponding knot and a dimple can make all the difference your presentation. Here I will give you some basic information, to give your outfit a little extra pizzazz!

Let’s start with what is a dimple? A dimple is a fold in the tie’s fabric near the knot. It adds more depth to the tie and the entire outfit. A dimple turns the tie from a simple piece of material around your neck into a power statement, adding an extra dimension to an otherwise flat area.


The easiest tie knot to learn is the Four-in-Hand knot is the easiest to learn among the four most used knot. It is a rather small knot that looks good with thin lapelled jackets and pointed or button collar dress shirts. This tie is a good option for slimmer ties but can also work with regular width ties. This a knot you want to use for a simple night out with friends or a movie date.

The Half Windsor is the perfect choice for medium-width and thick ties. It is the most versatile and popular tie knot. It can be worn with any size collar and can look great with both slim and regular sized lapels. It looks great with regular width. This tie knot is great for interviews, and the office but also the cocktail party afterwards.

The Windsor tie knot is the favorite by executives everywhere, the full Windsor is the most professional tie knot available. It is a large, thick knot that represents power and command. It looks best with spread collar shirts and regular width wool and silk ties. It is best for more simply patterned ties such as stripes because of the size of the knot. The full Windsor should also be the knot of choice for wedding, galas, or any formal gathering.

Wearing a tie means that you value looking professional and businesslike, in a sense, holding yourself to a higher standard than just wearing the normal clothes. Know that you’re in the know, you’ll always look dapper for every occasion!