Furs are perfect for keeping you warm while looking stylish. True furs are investment pieces and need to be taken cared of to preserve them for decades. If you have a fur coat or have a fur coat in need of repair, there is only one place you should trust for fur repair services – A professional dry cleaner.

Professional dry cleaners have professionally cleaned and repaired fur coats of many decades. This is important as you don’t stay in business for that long without being the best in what you do. Not all furs are the same and professional dry cleaners know this. They take the time to analyze your furs which helps them understand how to go about treating them. The best part is that they can pick up and deliver your furs for you so you never have to stop by during your already busy schedule.

Now you know who to trust, but when should you go? The following are tips to help you recognize when you may need to repair your furs:

  • When they need cleaning – Once dust, dirt, and other substances enter the hairs of your fur, it’s time to clean your furs. DIY tips usually remove surface-level dust and stains but not any deeper. A professional dry cleaner can clean your furs the right way. When they do so, they usually inspect your furs to see if any repairs need to be made. Cleaning your furs regularly at a professional dry cleaner allows you to repair your furs in the process.
  • When the hairs of your fur begin to feel dry – Furs have natural oils that keep it looking shiny and smooth to the touch. When dirt and dust accumulates, they may absorb the oils which results in the hairs feeling dry. A professional dry cleaner can restore the natural oils of your furs.
  • When caught in the rain – Furs aren’t waterproof and getting your furs wet means a trip to a professional dry cleaner. You can pat dry your furs to minimize the damage until you can pay a visit or request a pick up.

A professional dry cleaner is the only place for all your fur repair needs.


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