Fur coats are functional and stylish. If taken cared of the right way, they can easily last decades. However, when is the best time to care for them? The best time is right now – before the freezing temperatures become the norm.

The hairs of your furs need to be oiled properly. If they dry out, they are no longer functional and no longer serve their purpose to protect you from the cold. It is also very common for dust and other particles to get in between the hairs of your furs. This makes it a must to regularly care for your furs because these particles may cause damage to your furs if they go unnoticed.

A professional dry cleaner is the only way to ensure that your furs are fully protected. Each fur coat is different and they understand that. By taking your furs to a professional dry cleaner, you’ll be repairing your furs right and ensure that your favorite fur coat will last you for decades.

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