how to care for a leather bag

How to Care for a Leather Bag

You need to know how to care for a leather bag correctly if you want it to stay looking its best for as long as possible.

Leather garments and accessories are quite susceptible to damage over time. That’s because leather is a highly delicate fabric that is prone to cracking, scuffing, and even rotting when exposed to the elements. Obviously, you want to be able to take your leather handbag outside of your house though, which is why caring for it the right way is so crucial.

With proper care, your leather handbag can be protected from elemental damage and maintain its top quality appearance for years. The best way to ensure that happens is to always entrust the care of your leather with an expert, professional dry cleaner, but there are some things you can do at home as well to protect your leather bag and keep it looking exactly how you want it.  

How to Take Care of Leather Handbags

There are three key steps to taking caring of any leather product:

  1. Use preventative techniques to protect it from the elements. Treat your leather handbag with care and it will have a much greater chance of staying free from damage. This includes only handling your bag with clean hands, stuffing your bag with packing paper or bubble wrap in between uses to help it maintain its shape, and taking it to your dry cleaner once or twice a year for a professional cleaning and moisturizing treatment.
  2. Preserve the natural oils that keep your leather glossy and hydrated. Leather contains natural oils that are critical to its health and appearance. Professional moisturizing treatments from a professional dry cleaner will go a long way, but you should also regularly apply a specialized leather conditioner on your own. Opt for once a month if you live in a very dry climate, otherwise every other month should suffice.
  3. Problem solve when issues do arise, such as marks or cracks. If you notice damage on your leather bag, it’s always a good idea to take it to your local dry cleaners. They’ll be able to identify the extent of the damage and take care of it with expert products and techniques.  

How to Keep Leather Bags from Cracking

Moisture is key to preventing cracking. As noted, bring your leather handbag into your dry cleaner once or twice a year for a moisturizing treatment, and maintain upkeep on your own with monthly or bi-monthly conditionings. Cracking is always a possibility as your bag ages, but keeping it moisturized will go a long way toward preventing it.

How to Store Handbags at Home

How you store your leather handbag can greatly affect its quality. Help leather bags maintain their shape by stuffing them when not in use, and don’t stack anything else on top of them. You should also be airing out your leather bags regularly to prevent any moisture, mold, or mildew from forming. If you’re not going to be using the bag for a season or longer, consider bringing it to your dry cleaners for climate controlled storage that will keep it in its ideal condition.

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