Cleaning Nylon and Microfiber Handbags

Is your favorite Longchamp, Prada, or Burberry bag in need of some TLC? I’m going to give you some simple tips on how to restore the tightly woven polyester and nylon fibers, without damaging your handbag. Remember, you always want to test on an inconspicuous area before the entirety.

  1. Cleaning Tag – Some purses include instructions, usually attached to the lining, follow them. If there is a “W” on the purse tag, water can be safely used. If the “W” is not present, it is safe to assume using water or anything wet can cause damage.
  2. Type of Stain – Knowing the type of stain can determine how easily it may be removed. Wet stains are a little harder to treat and should be tended to immediately (baby wipes help). Using a hair dryer on the lowest setting can help prevent watermarks. Dry stains and dirt happen to be a bit easier.
  3. Gentle Brush – Brush the soiled area to lift dirt from the top layer of the microfiber (a toothbrush works well for this). Then you can use a vacuum attachment to remove the remaining debris.
  4. Powder for Oil – You want to remove as much of the grease as possible immediately. Use a cloth or napkin to dab at the oil, removing as much as you can. Then you can pour a small amount of baking soda on the area. Very gently work the powder in using a soft bristle brush (again, a toothbrush works great). Remove excess powder and hopefully the stain will be removed.
  5. Liquid Soap – If the stain remains and water can be used, a gentle wet detergent can be used. Blot the stain with a drop of soap, using a damp cloth. Using a hair dyer on the lowest setting, dry immediately.
  6. Alcohol – If none of the above seem to work, try using rubbing alcohol to blot (a Q-tip works well for this) and then dry with dryer on low setting.

Some stains can just be downright stubborn. That’s where we come in! Let Cameo take care of your precious purse. Schedule a Pick-Up today or Contact Us for more info.