You may have bought proper boots and shoes for the winter but be careful of damaging your leather boots and shoes from the snow. Snow itself isn’t damaging to leather boots and shoes as long as you condition and polish them regularly. However, what are damaging are the road dirt, salt, and other chemical snow melting solutions.

Salt damages are permanent. They not only discolor your leathers, but they (as well as other chemicals) can dry, crack, and warp the leather. This causes the lifespan of your leather boots and shoes to be shortened and making them unrepairable.

The best way to prevent any damage to your leather boots and shoes is to wipe/dry them every time you enter your house or building. Wearing your boots and shoes in the snow and then entering a warm house or building can cause the fibers in your leathers to swell and spilt.

The best way to ensure the protection of your leather boots and shoes is to take them to Cameo Cleaners regularly!  We can ensure that they stay protected from all the harmful effects of the snow and road salt.