Spring has sprung, and with it comes putting the heavyweights away and taking the lightweights out. If you find your leather and suede goods are not up to par, here are some ways you can bring them back to life.


  1. Know your leather. Each type of leather requires a different method of cleaning, especially when it comes to treated leather and untreated leather (suede).
  2. Do not use DIY cleaner. DIY remedies often harm delicate leathers and can worsen the problem area. This is where you want to use water or a leather cleaner.
  3. Treat stain ASAP. For a liquid stain you want to treat it as soon as it happens. Use a damp cloth to blot the area, you don’t want to rub it and create a water stain. If you’re using a leather cleaner, spray it on the cloth instead of directly on the leather.
  4. Moisturize. Cleaning leather removes some of the natural oils. You want to use a leather conditioner to put back some of that lost moisture.
  5. Protect. Some leather, like jackets, can be protected with a waterproofing spray. For shoes, using beeswax or leather cream can avoid water absorption.
  6. Storing. A dry, dark place is best for storing leather. Sunlight can cause cracks and moisture can cause mold and mildew.


  1. Dry. For a dry stain you want to use a rubber eraser and work it in small circular motions. Brush away residue to restore.
  2. Wet. Use a damp cloth to blot the area. Allow to air dry. When dry if a watermark appears, use white vinegar to treat and then air dry once more.
  3. Oil. Sprinkle cornstarch over the oil stain and let it sit for a few hours. The oil will absorb into the cornstarch so when you use the suede brush to remove it, the oil should go with it.

For harder stains like grease, ink, and makeup, that don’t come clean after gentle spot-cleaning, you may need to get it professionally cleaned. Let our cleaning specialists treat your goods with expertise. Contact Us to schedule a pickup or for more info.





*For these DIY tips, please remember to test an inconspicuous area to be sure your items will not react.