Leathers and suedes are some of the most valuable material used in clothing. Not only is it fashionable, but it is also functional. True leather and suede are pricy but totally worth the cost. However, what happens when it’s time to dress into lighter clothing and need to put away your leather and suede outfits? Don’t take them to your local dry cleaners. Take them to Cameo Cleaners!

Decades of experience cleaning leather and suede clothing makes us the most trusted name in the business. We’ve been around throughout the many fashion trends and understand how to take care of high-end, luxury outfits. We know how to clean your leathers/suedes in a way that not only just cleans them, but preserves them so your investment can last longer.

Storage is also something that we do best. By storing your leathers and suedes at Cameo Cleaners, you can feel relaxed in knowing that not only do you have free space in your closets, but that your leathers/suedes are in good hands.


Call or visit us to store and clean your leathers/suedes at Cameo Cleaners!