Purchased an expensive leather jacket that you want to last for a lifetime? Preserving leathers is a unique process that requires a lot of skill and knowledge. The actual process of doing so requires the help of a professional dry cleaner. Most of those “DIY” tricks to cleaning and preserving leathers do more harm than good to your leathers – especially if you aren’t experienced.

However, there are preventive steps that you can take to allow your leathers to last through winter (after allowing a professional dry cleaner to clean and preserve them for you).

  • Do not expose your leathers to rain/water: Although professional dry cleaners can preserve your leathers in such a way that the occasional drizzle or mist won’t hurt, it is extremely important to not expose your leathers to water. Leathers are not waterproof jackets and they will easily discolor and cause damage to the leathers if you get it wet and don’t treat it immediately. If your leather jacket has gotten wet, dry it out as best as you can and take it to a professional dry cleaner to preserve it.
  • Do NOT use shoe shine/polish on your leathers: In fact, any type of leather shine or restoration liquid should not be used except when handled by a professional dry cleaner. Only they know how to properly apply them in such a way that doesn’t cause unintended damage to your leathers.
  • Store your leather properly: Unproper storage or hanging of leather causes wrinkles and ruins the shape of your leathers. Always hang them properly in a well-spaced closet. If you don’t have any space, a professional dry cleaner offers storage services for when you need to store your leathers during the summer.


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