If you’ve been outside during this unforgiving, merciless weather, then protecting your shoes should be high on your to-do list. As ironic as it may be, in order for your shoes to protect your feet, you must protect your shoes!

If you have leather shoes, then snow and water are the worst things you can get on your shoes. If left untreated over time, you can damage the leather on your shoes. Salt on the ground (used to melt the snow) can also cause damage to them. It is important to take your leather shoes to a professional dry cleaner to ensure that they are protected in the best manner possible.

If you have suede shoes, then dirty snow and mud are a disaster to walk on. If left untreated, those stains will be tough to remove. Again, taking them to a professional dry cleaner is the only way to ensure the cleanliness and protection of your shoes.

If your shoes have already been damaged by the weather, then take them to the nearest dry cleaners immediately! There still may be hope in restoring them to the way they were depending on how much damage has been done to them.

Don’t wait until it’s too late. Protect your shoes by taking them to a professional dry cleaners on a regular basis.

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