Quality leather jackets are fashionable and functional. However, with great fashion and functionality, comes great responsibility to care for them. Leather jackets are made from natural material. Therefore, they naturally need to be cared for as all things from nature should.

There are many types of leather jackets due to manufacturers using leathers and other materials of various quality. This means that instructions regarding cleaning and maintenance of your leather jacket will vary depending on who made it. Therefore, it is important to read the label on your leather jacket regarding how to clean it since manufacturers know best how to care for their products.

Cleaning general dirt and stains can be done by wiping down the jacket with a damp cloth. This removes most dirt, marks, and grime from your leather jacket. If your jacket is still dirty or grime and marks haven’t been removed, you’ll need to take it to a professional dry cleaner like Cameo Cleaners to get your leather jacket professionally cleaned.

Another important aspect to maintaining your leather jacket is waterproofing. Waterproofing your leather jackets help protect it from rain and moisture which damages the leather. Conditioning your leather jacket is also important. Applying waterproof and leather conditioner to your jacket requires knowing how to apply it evenly and storing it in a proper condition. These chemicals can stain and discolor your leather jacket. Therefore, we highly recommend taking your leather jacket to Cameo Cleaners to avoid damaging your jacket during this process. However, if you feel like you can do it yourself, make sure to first spot test before applying any of these chemicals to the whole jacket.

Finally, make sure you hang your leather jacket properly to avoid wrinkles. Your jacket should be stored in a dry environment to avoid damage from any moisture and should be hanged with a padded hanger. If you want to protect your leather jacket from dust, use a nylon garment bag instead of plastic.

Call or visit Cameo Cleaners for more information on how to clean your leather jackets.


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