Leather jackets are very fashionable as they are functional. It’s such a versatile piece that purchasing one is almost always a good deal. However, maintaining one isn’t as easy as you think. Sure, a few sprinkles of water might not hurt your leathers if you catch it quickly enough before it sinks into your leather. But there are many other scenarios where a professional dry cleaner needs to clean your leather jacket.

Some scenarios are:

  • Getting your leather jacket exposed to rain
  • Spilling any type of liquid on it
  • If sprinkles of water (from rain or otherwise) landed on your jacket and you never took action to prevent damage as it happened or immediately afterwards
  • Oil, grease, and general food stains
  • Sweat around the collar of your jacket
  • Preventing damage from normal wear and tear

There are many more reasons to take your leather jacket to a professional dry cleaner, but these are the most common ones. The condition of your leather jackets is dependent on your ability to maintain it over the course of its life. Don’t wait until it’s too late to clean your leather jacket. Take it to a professional dry cleaner and give it the care it deserves.

For professional leather cleaning services, please schedule a pick-up.



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